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Sherpa Communications originates from the word ‘Sherpa’ also known as ‘elite mountaineers and experts in their field' – a talented team of driven professionals that thrive on achieving the best results.

Sherpa Communications is a business consultancy and communications agency in Dubai providing services for companies within the UAE and Middle East & Africa (MENA) region. Supporting businesses of any size and structure across various sectors - from B2B to B2C industries, we operate as your full business partner and communication advisor, providing strategic business counsel, quality consultation and strategic communication advice.

Some of industries where we can effectively support you: Technology & Digital | Banking & Finance | Education | Healthcare & Pharma | F&B | Tourism & Hospitality | Automotive | Architecture & Interior design | Construction & Logistics | Information security | Lifestyle amongst others.

We’ve mastered the traditional ways of PR and grew up together with the new media; our solutions span across strategic communications, reputation management, digital PR, SEO, creative campaigns, stakeholder and community relations, strategic content creation, digital activities and social media management.

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Reputation Management Services in Dubai
As a strategic communications firm, we specialize in public relations, overall business consulting,digital PR, and more to promote an accurate and honest view of your business..
A well-planned visibility and executive positioning campaign can be beneficial to an individual and to the business it operatesin several ways..
Reputation management service will focus its efforts to influence what and how people think of a brand or person. Elevating their visibility creates a competitive advantage which ultimately helps in achieving business goals..
The goal of an integrated marketing campaign is to combine both outbound, traditional marketing with inbound marketing and other tactics to promote accelerated success in business. This effort can prove more successful than utilizing only a single channel to a limited audience..
Reputation Management Services in Dubai
Media relations is a must for brands to tell their story in an authentic way and Influencer marketing can help propel your business to new levels...
Well-written content can help you deliver the right messages and in turn will boost sales, get greater public exposure, and enhance your company image.The distribution of a press release can help your brand be visible to a wider audience delivering the key news and securing organic exposure through trusted sources...
Our team of professional and native translators have worked with various brands and across different industries, including the government entities, so to help you capture the essence of your brandwith engaging, accurate content and right vocabulary..
We understand the importance of a press conference for a strategic announcement or a product launch. Our expertise will cover all facets of the event including media relations, event invitation, digital campaign, influencer marketing and spokesperson training..
Reputation Management Services in Dubai
Improve your brand’s online presence and visibility with modern PR tools. With the goal to make your brand more recognizable, the service aims to build a strong brand presence across online avenues where your target audience is present engaging them into meaningful conversations..
Measure the impact of your activities and your performance against competitors to gain powerful insights and create a competitive strategy..
Become a great communicator. Let us help you enhance your brand image and hone your public speaking skills to engage and inspire your audience with tailored sessions to prepare you for a range of opportunities..
Corporate communications strategy refers to the way in which businesses communicate with their key audiences including employees, investors, stakeholders, and is aimed at creating a favourable point of view and stronger bonds..

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How PR can help my business, raise awareness about my product or service?

A consistent public relations strategy can help build focused awareness of your product, service or brand. PR can be used to protect, enhance or build reputations and awareness through the media, social media, or self-produced communications. A good PR specialist will analyse your organization, find positive messages and translate those messages into powerful stories. When the news is bad, your advisorwill formulate the best response to mitigate the damage.

According to a Nielsen study, PR is 90% more effective than advertising in influencing your audience. Getting a favourable mention of your brand, which is earned and not paid, holds much more weight than an ad.

By getting others to consistently bring up your name in a positive context – be it influencers, media, industry experts, and even employees – will undoubtedly make your business grow with a consistent approach.PR tactics can help you formulate the right communication strategy of what you say, where you say it and how you say it to achieve the maximum effect, protect your brand or build a credible reputation in the market.

Can Sherpa team support in the UAE only or across the Middle East and Africa too?

Sherpa Communications is a business consultancy and communications agency in Dubai providing PR services for companies within the UAE and Middle East region. We have been in the business for long to understand the specifics of the local market and the culture plus can leverage strong media relations to get your brand the desired results.

Before embarking on a PR campaign in a new market, it is important for brands to clearly understand the country’s media landscape and market dynamics. This understanding will help brands harness its potential, for example, through pitching stories into the media, or whether a marketing budget may be needed to boost campaigns or even just to understand what sort of news is interesting and relevant to reporters in a particular market. This exercise becomes even more critical if you are a global brand entering the Middle East market and as such, it is better to outsource this to your PR partner that is based in the same region, understand the market and knows the media landscape and other specifics in detail.

Will Sherpa team be able to device offline and online marketing strategies?

As a modern age PR agency, Sherpa advisors can device different strategies catering to different segments of your target audience. Online marketing tactics are getting more popular today but the offline tactics that a PR professional employs will also be able to reach a diverse audience and help position your brand as a trusted and cohesive one.

With which type of businesses does Sherpa teamwork?

We support businesses of any size and structure across various sectors - from B2B to B2C industries. We are an active advocate of start-ups and SMEs in the UAE and Middle East region and have supported a number of them with PR services providing advice on best practices and tactics for effective scaling up and business growth. We also actively work with local and regionalenterprisesas well as international brands that have or opened their regional offices in the UAE.

What kind of copywriting support does Sherpa team provide?

Our approach is bespoke and linked to the brand’s needs. We’ll ask questions to understand your business needs and challenges better and recommend the right format to meet those objectives. PR specialists are storytellers, any text we submit is a reflection of the key messages the brand wants to convey in the right tone of voice with an understanding of the audience and the industry– all those important elements of strategic, effective copywriting. We help create content that has an impact– be it for a brand’s website, blog, press release, brochure content, executive speech or social media.

Why should I use a professional translator from Sherpa and not Google Translate for my business translation needs?

Arabic is one of the world's most popular languages and is the official language of over 20 countries in the Middle East and Africa. The language has more than 30 varieties or regional dialects. A professional translator helps you understand the nuances and translate your content in a manner which machine cannot replicate.

When you are dealing with media or directly with your target audience it is essential to have a quality translation with engaging, accurate content and right vocabulary, and not a literal one as is the case with Google translate.

Our team of native Arabic copywriters have worked with various brands and across different industries, including the government entities, so they can really capture the essence of your brand.

I’m not sure what my business needs, can you help with an efficient strategy development?

Yes, definitely. We let brands focus on operations, while Sherpa team acts as your external advisor and PR team with all necessary tools, tactics and understanding of the market.

What can I look forward to if Sherpa team is brought on board for PR services for my business?

When engaging a boutique PR agency, brands get a lot of benefits from strategic support to your marketing/ PR team so they can focus more on strategic tasks, flexibility with solutions offered that best suit your business, service quality with faster turnaround to highly skilled and fearless specialists that built strong and friendly relations with media and who will be always there for you that creates a good working relationship.

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