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Media and Public Speaking Training sherpacomms

Public speaking is fundamental to professional success and contributes directly towards profile building as well as raising awareness about a business and what it does. To be an effective public speaker, one requires certain skills which enable message delivery in a compelling and impactful manner. It is not just about delivering a good speech to an audience, it is also about demonstrating expertise, gaining credibility and building brand awareness. In fact, a key strategy in thought-leadership marketing is public speaking.

Media trainings are designed with the sole purpose of helping speakers develop the skills they need to get their message across succinctly and with impact. With media training, speakers can learn how to use their words, tone and body language to instantly grab attention and deliver the key messages in a powerful way. It also helps develop confidence while speaking to the media.

A media training workshop can be tailored as per the client’s needs and industry. Understanding the audience is critical. A good media training workshop will take this into account and tailor messages to their needs. Some ways by which this is done is by using relatable examples or language the audience is familiar with.

One of the best ways to develop public speaking skills is by using interactive training techniques. A media training workshop should draw on routine experiences and place participants in real-life scenarios. It should include simulated interview scenarios to allow participants to test their newly developed skills. Constructive criticism will help prepare speakers for public speaking at any forum.

Good media training does more than teaching a speaker to just respond to a question. Critically, it provides him/her with the tools to understand how reporters think and what interests them. It teaches message discipline, which is the art of staying on message and sounding natural. And finally, media training educates speakers on what to wear, how to appear poised and the import of voice inflections and facial expressions.

In summary, anyone who may interact with the press or public should be trained. While media training is essential for most beginners, it is not a bad idea for seasoned practitioners to also regularly refresh and augment their skills, especially with the birth of new communication channels. A little investment in this skill can go a long way in building a business’s brand.

If you are looking for a media training partner to enhance your brand image through powerful public speaking, get in touch with us today.

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