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Media Relations & Influencers Marketing sherpacomms

Media Relations lies at the very heart of what Public Relations professionals do on a daily basis. It involves having a deep understanding of the media landscape and building relationships with the press in order to help them create stories that are of interest to readers and at the same time delivers a brand’s messages.

Earned media’s crucial role to brand reputation places it at the center of every client program or campaign. At Sherpa Communications, we continue to enhance our media relations efforts by leveraging data to spot emerging trends that are ripe for media comment and campaigns while maximizing the quality and quantity of client press coverage and thought leadership through influencers marketing. No task is considered complete until we measure its impact.

If you are a business considering investing in PR, here is how effective media relations can benefit you:

Influencer marketing is another form of engagement through collaborations between brands, celebrities, industry opinion leaders or social influencers. At Sherpa, we develop and execute tailored influencer marketing strategies based on a brand’s unique DNA and goals.

Key benefits of using influencer marketing are as follows:

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