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Executive Positioning and Leadership Visibility

Executive Positioning and Leadership Visibility sherpacomms

Executive leaders are expected to be active ambassadors for the businesses they represent and to tell authentic, compelling stories that go beyond just numbers.  As a result, the business of leadership visibility is one that is now complex and requires planning and structure as well as consistency. The call for executives to be not just present on the business side, but also to be accessible, real and humanistic on the public side is driving the need for executive positioning.

Today’s executives need to be visible, accessible, personal, and relatable with a clear purpose and a focus beyond the organization itself.  Having a voice in the media on topical issues impacting the industry garners credible visibility for the company and adds a humanizing element that gives a face to the corporate image.

A well-planned visibility and executive positioning campaign can be beneficial to an individual and to the business it operates in several ways:

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