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Corporate Communications Strategy sherpacomms

Corporate communications play a critical role in how investors, employees and the general public perceive a business. A well-structured corporate communications strategy can go a long way in ensuring transparency and consistency in communication. It also creates a sense of trust amongst the various audiences this is addressed to.

Businesses require the support of corporate communications for many reasons.

To communicate internally
Employees today expect transparency and fairness in communication. Corporate Communications ensures that information flows naturally and regularly throughout the internal structures of the company and involves linking messaging across various business groups and tailoring messages to keep both employees and management aware of current goals and achievements.

To communicate with wider audiences
Over the years, the role of corporate communications has changed from addressing just investors and the industry to ensuring that the corporation an integral part of the general culture. With the growing realization that this assimilation leads to growing sales numbers and increased profit margins, corporate communications now work towards finding the right messaging which can appeal to the broader demographic.

The importance of visual input
Over the years, the nature of communication has changed. At one time, image building focused on telling the “story” of the company in a textual form. This is no longer necessarily true, and people today rely on visual input. A well-planned corporate communications strategy takes this into account and compiles data and presents it in a more design-oriented form. Stakeholders respond favorably to this form of input as it is quick and less time-consuming and creating communications that speak to this need pay off in the area of the brand building and brand awareness.

To attract and retain talent
It is no exaggeration to say that a culture of transparent communication directly impacts the trust employees may have in a business and could determine the retention rate. Therefore, effective corporate communications will attract the best talent, as potential candidates will research the information about an employer they may be interested in. It’s important to communicate achievements to date, explain the corporate culture and how business operates. Similarly, with effective communications, companies can build stronger bonds with employees, which could result in their loyalty.

If you are looking for a PR partner, who can help you plan a successful corporate communications strategy that will effectively support your business goals, get in touch with us today.

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