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Integrated Communication Campaigns sherpacomms

A winning strategy integrates and harmonizes activity across all marketing channels. Integrated Communications by definition, is a simple concept. It ensures that all communication tools and messages are carefully linked together. In the most basic sense, it means integrating all promotional tools, so that they work together in harmony.

The various elements of an integrated communications campaign could include digital, advertising, social media, internal communications, external communication PR – the list is endless and really depends on the key audience group.

For example, a company may promote a new service offering or brand re-launch across print, television, web, and social networks. There will be some differences in approach to the type of medium being used as well as the key messages will be transformed accordingly. There are numerous ways to approach this effectively, and this is what an integrated communications strategy is all about.

Strategic integrated communication campaign builds a strong messaging foundation that is aligned across multiple departments, internal and external stakeholders.
As an integrated agency, we always recommend a range of tactics such as design, web, video, social media content and digital marketing to add value to traditional communication methods.
If you are business considering an integrated communications campaign to achieve your goals, here are some benefits to think about:

At Sherpa, we deliver integrated marketing communication campaigns that result in revenue and not just impressions. We define strategies that meet the overall objectives of the campaign and the organization. If you are looking for solutions to overcome challenges that are unique to your business, get in touch with us today.

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