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Product Launch & Press Conference Management sherpacomms

Every product has a story and an audience that cares about hearing it. From a simple announcement at to a multi-faceted integrated campaign that spans across print to web, a well-thought product launch strategy can build momentum and increase sales.

At Sherpa Communications, we work closely with product marketers to develop a strategy that aligns with the organization’s objective. We craft messages that are focused, consistent and most importantly realistic. For a product launch to be successful, the marketing communications philosophy must be built on the premise of not just communicating what you do, but communication what you can do BETTER.

Our expertise covers all facets of promotions from media relations through to digital campaigns, influencer marketing or press events and press conferences.

Press Conferences are an indispensable tool for gaining media attention. A successful launch or media conference can support an organization’s sales and marketing efforts. When timed correctly and with the proper planning and communication strategies, press conferences for major announcements can be an extremely effective method for promoting company news.

However, it is important to ensure that this is the most effective way to share the news. There are two major factors to consider when hosting a press conference – Is the press conference newsworthy- is it breaking news and secondly is the timing correct? Press conferences should only be held if your company is announcing truly big news that will be of interest to a large audience. If you think you have news that requires a press conference, ask these five questions before you start planning the event:

  1. What is our goal in announcing this news?
  2. How many people will be impacted by this news and what does it mean to the community?
  3. Will public officials be in attendance?
  4. Do you think more than one news outlet will cover this news?
  5. Could we accomplish the same goal for our news without a press conference, perhaps a Press Release Distribution?

At Sherpa, our experienced PR team delivers well-planned, insightful and goal-oriented product launches using a variety of tools. We define a launch strategy that meets the overall business objectives.

If you are looking for the best way to take your new product or service to the market, get in touch with us today.

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