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If you are a brand that is locally present in the UAE or an international company entering the Middle East and Africa region, it’s important to understand the market and cultural specifics of the countries located in this part of the world. They are all unique, and this is reflected in the number of languages spoken here. 

The official language in the UAE, for example, is Arabic, and almost everyone speaks English. However, you will also hear Urdu – the official language of Pakistan, Hindi – one of the official languages of India, Tagalog spoke by the Filipinos as well as various other languages.

Why is it important for any brand present here?

No matter how good the original content (website copy, corporate brochures, press materials, social media posts), if it is not communicated in the right language to the right audience or comes across as incoherent or worse – offensive – it could be nothing short of a communications disaster.

For a Public Relations agency based in the UAE and providing PR support across the MENA region, this means that professional business translation services and localization – one of the most important steps where we can support brands.

Importance of Translation Services

The following elements are the backbone of the best document translation services

The stylistic approach to translation is crucial. For professional translation, understanding the style of the original text and being able to recreate similar stylistic effects in the target language are essential
It’s also important to reflect the vocabulary of the industry where a brand operates (i.e. healthcare, technology, construction or lifestyle)
Be seen as sensitive to cultural differences. A word in one language could mean something entirely different in another dialect. Therefore, a professional translation service provider can act as a bridge across cultures and will be able to provide businesses with the capability to effectively translate content appropriately for the target audience


What is the difference between your translation and provided by others?

We all know that automated Google translation is the most inaccurate translation one can get. It is also important to pay attention to the industry where a brand operates, the inclusion of the key messages, cultural differences and specific words used in your target country. At Sherpa, we also remember about the importance of SEO, so we will use the words that can also give you a wider reach and influence.

Can you support across different sectors?

At Sherpa, we’ve spent a lot of time building a powerful team of professional translators who can support brands with the best translation services and across various industries. We can be your trusted business consultants, as we work with the UAE government entities and businesses across B2B and B2C verticals. Some of the industries where we can effectively support you: Technology & Digital, Telecom, Banking & Finance / Fintech, Construction & Logistics, Information security, Legal services, Education, Healthcare & Pharma, F&B, Tourism & Hospitality, Automotive, Architecture & Interior design, Lifestyle.

Which languages do you support?

English and Arabic are two most widely spoken languages; for some countries or to reach to a specific community, you may need Tagalog, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Russian, Persian, French amongst others.

What benefits can I get with the professional translation?

When a press release, for example, is translated into relevant languages, the brand’s key messages will reach more people, resulting in more publicity, brand awareness and right positioning. It can also make a brand more relevant by driving stories across various channels (print, broadcast, online and social). A brand will also get higher Google ranking with the key words thanks to SEO copywriting we will apply to support your digital marketing efforts.

If you need support with the translation or if you are planning any communication activities, especially an awareness campaign in the UAE or across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), it’s important to localize your materials for this region and have them in the right language for each country. Do reach out to us today to get a free consultation and analysis for your business.


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