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Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) form the backbone of economies, particularly in countries like the UAE where the government offers additional support to aid their development and prosperity.
Unleash the power of AI! Explore how AI transforms marketing, customer experience, and business operations across industries. Discover the benefits, applications, and responsible use of AI for future-proof growth.
In the ever-shifting landscape of public relations, the role of PR professionals has undergone significant transformation.
عند تقديم النصائح للشركات الناشئة بشأن استراتيجيات التوسع خلال جلسات التوجيه التي نديرها مع مسرعات الأعمال، يتم طرح سؤال متكرر: ما هي الاستراتيجية الرواتب الشهرية للموظفين تقع ضمن
Looking at the region's calendar, it's evident that it's brimming with soon-to-be-held events. It's no surprise that forums, exhibitions, and award ceremonies are abundant, as events
يضع المؤسسون تطوير الأعمال في المقام الأول، وغالباً ما ينسون الالتفات إلى سمعة شركتهم. ومع ذلك، هل تعلم أن بناء وعي قوي حول علامتك التجارية يمكن أن يسرّع النمو بمعدل ضعفين؟
As we advise numerous startups on scaling strategies during our mentorship sessions with incubators, a recurring question arises
Public relations and digital marketing are two of the most powerful marketing tools available to businesses today, but in a traditional agency PR and marketing teams often still work independently.
Leadership challenges vary depending on the size of the business. The nature of startups and SMEs, however, make them go more often through transformations, and much faster.
It is crucial that companies not only pivot their communication strategies to continue growing but also find a way to adapt to the new trends and stay relevant during times of change.
A quick checklist for brands on how businesses can sustain their brand voice, keep the communication channel open with customers and other stakeholders, while also maintaining their calm
Spending days at our family country house kindling a wood fire is something that makes my heart melt. Reminiscing about those days, I realise how simple our living was but how immensely happy we were.
Despite the introduction of new technology, specialized algorithms, and fancy electronic devices, PR needs a human element to remain relevant.
In the rapidly evolving landscape of the startup ecosystem, where new ventures with substantial funding emerge on a daily basis, the competition to stand out and thrive has reached unprecedented heights.
Over the course of the past year, each member in Sherpa Communications has worked their absolute best to support experts who operate in a spectrum of industries
Let's bust some of the most popular myths to give you a better understanding of how PR can help you and your business.
Effective PR sparks an interest in your audience and gets them to sit up and take notice of your brand and product offering.
Become a great communicator. Let us help you enhance your brand image and hone your public speaking skills to engage and inspire your audience with tailored sessions to prepare you for a range of opportunities..
From the rise of social media, to the increasing importance of brand authenticity, businesses need to embrace a strong foundation that is centered around transparency, authenticity, and new technologies.
ومنطقة الشرق الأوسط، على جائزة وكالة العلاقات العامة الأكثر موثوقية في منطقة الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا، في الدورة السادسة من حفل توزيع جوائز مجلة استثمارات، الذي أقيم في منتجع أتلانتس، ذا بالم، في دبي وذلك تقديراً لدعمها وتوجيهها المستمرين لعملائها. تسلّمت أنستازيا جولوفاتينكو، مديرة الحسابات في شيربا كومينيكيشنز، الجائزة من قبل صاحب السمو الشيخ سالة FF22020AI.
As summer is at its peak in the region, businesses brace themselves for the customary slowdown as vacations ensue, creating a seasonal lull in operations.
In the competitive business environment, capturing investor interest extends beyond promising growth potential. When evaluating a company for potential investment.
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