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Strategic Communications and Business Consulting sherpacomms

Build Profile & Credibility Seamlessly 

Executing a strategic communications campaign is an essential service required to build profile and credibility. Businesses that clearly understand the principles of strategic communications and employ them regularly have a competitive advantage.

Leverage Our Expertise 

At Sherpa Communications, we recognize how important it is for companies to build a strong narrative that appeals to a wide range of stakeholders while providing our clients with unique insights and expertise using the depth of our business consultants’ experience.

Manage Reputation 

We develop in collaboration and consultation with your marketing team a strategic communications plan, which embodies the agreed narrative and cross-references the strategic engagement program to build confidence and reputation across an organization. Our marketing and communications strategies are developed to map objectives to your business outcomes. Should you need more in-depth business guidance and management consulting services, we can support with that as well. 

Communications Strategy

The following five components are the backbone of a brand communications strategy that will form the rest of your plan

Determine goals and objectives to understand what you want to achieve
Identify your audience and to whom you need to communicate as well as your target market; conduct the market analysis to understand the situation
Develop the key messages that you would like to communicate; transform them into an interesting story to present effectively to your target groups
Prepare an action plan along with a timeline, channels and deadlines
Execute the plan, monitor and analyse the results, adjust the strategy if needed


What value can strategic communications bring to my business?

The right PR strategy can help raise awareness about your brand, products you sell or services you offer. It can help create the narrative and build strong profiles for your business leaders (leadership positioning and executive visibility). Consistent communication will help your brand stand out, be found in Google and so your brand can be seen as an important player on the market. It can also drive valuations with interested investors.

Will Sherpa consultants help me identify the right strategy and set objectives?

Of course! We will support you as your business and communications advisors identifying the best opportunities and helping address your pain points.

Each business has different goals and objectives. Our communications strategy will be tailored to your business goals. We support your efforts and help your business growth. A one-size-fits-all approach will not work. For example, a strategy deployed for a product launch is different from the strategy developed to position a brand as a leader on the market.

A sound PR strategy should include goals that are specific, measurable, attainable and realistic. Determining these goals brings about a clear sense of purpose and maximizes success. This can result in achieving measurable outcomes from increased sales, to high-network customer traffic (supporting your digital marketing and SEO activities), to an increase in the share of voice across media and within the community.

Can you support across B2B and B2C verticals?

Our team of business consultants have decades of B2B and B2C experience in helping businesses develop their identity and build credibility. We have very strong credentials in B2B and can support in B2C segment as well. Some of the industries where we can effectively support you: Technology & Digital, Telecom, Banking & Finance / Fintech, Construction & Logistics, Information security, Legal services, Education, Healthcare & Pharma, F&B, Tourism & Hospitality, Automotive, Architecture & Interior design, Lifestyle amongst others.

If you are a company that is looking for strategic business support and would like to know how to effectively use the power of marketing and public relations (PR) to achieve your business goals, do reach out to us today.


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