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The Importance of Copywriting and Content Marketing for Businesses

Copywriting, or more precisely, well-written copywriting, is essential to any business operations and it is more than just describing things. The style and format of your content can be different (website copy, media interview, social media post, expert piece, marketing copy), but good copywriting should always reflect the key messages that a brand wants to deliver while keeping in mind its target audience, market, business objectives and creating a lasting impact on readers, eventually driving them to engage in the action the brand wants them to.

How can PR agency help?

  • To produce well-written content for our clients we rely on processes, briefing documents and in-depth analysis. Our objective is not just to write a smart copy, but to write a copy that creates an impact. B2B copywriting can’t be the same as a lifestyle copy. At Sherpa, we develop your tone of voice, can help define your USPs and other crucial elements – helping you communicate with the target audience in the right way.
  • Tied together with the rest of the PR tactics that we keep in mind and apply, we offer to our clients persuasive and engaging copywriting that helps meet business objectives (to educate, to create awareness, to engage, to generate leads or help establish a growing business as an industry leader).

SEO copywriting/ Digital marketing copywriting

In this digital age, we also support businesses with SEO copywriting that is an essential part of the best copywriting services and the new reality now. The well-written content that’s optimized for the web will help your brand rise to the top of Google search results, secure higher ranking, and hold readers’ attention.

Well-written SEO content that is both informative and search engine friendly will ensure the regular flow of traffic to your website (lead generation).

Press Release Distribution

The Press Release is still alive and even in this age of new media is the tool of choice for valuable publicity.

Press Release Distribution refers to the process of issuing a company statement/ announcement out to relevant media in order to reach the target groups with one strong message. A strategically-written and correctly distributed press release can ensure coverage in print, online, social media, podcasts and TV as well as provide SEO benefits.

At Sherpa, we have a deep understanding of the media market and requirements as well as have developed strong relationships with the UAE and regional media across the Middle East & Africa.

Whether you are a local business or a global brand, we’ll help you localise and tailor your key messages to this market, create quality content that will be of value and create an impact.


Why Sherpa is the right partner for me?

Our team includes experienced professional copywriters and PR advisors, all of whom have journalism skills and decades of proven track records of delivering the clear, relevant, compelling copy to engage your audience.

Can you support across different sectors?

At Sherpa, we can help you create lifestyle content as well as we are especially proud to have the vast experience across the most challenging B2B verticals. 98% of our B2B clients stay with us for four years plus and trust us with their traditional and digital marketing/ SEO copywriting.

Some of the industries where we can effectively support: Technology & Digital, Telecom, Banking & Finance / Fintech, Construction & Logistics, Information security, Legal services, Education, Healthcare & Pharma, F&B, Tourism & Hospitality, Automotive, Architecture & Interior design, amongst others.

What type of content can you help produce?
Industry-focused case studies & whitepapers |Thought leadership pieces | Expert comments | Interviews (trade, business-focused) | Website copy | Talking points (public speaking) Blog posts | Lifestyle pieces | Informative editorials | Social media posts
Why well-written copywriting is crucial for my business?
Any content should create the right impression. A good copywriter understands this and works to create your brand image through the content. Experienced copywriters always keep in mind your key messages, audience, target market, pain points needed to be addressed or offerings to be explained. They know how to create the necessary tone and excite your audience or encourage users to take necessary action. Every sentence should serve a purpose; and all this should be achieved through a copy that is powerful and concise.

If you are a business seeking advice on your content marketing strategy or are looking for someone to enhance your content for you, get in touch with us today.


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