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Digital PR and Social Media Management sherpacomms

Digital PR is a combination of content marketing, search marketing and social media programs to develop a brand online and generate customer loyalty.

The term Digital PR refers to an online marketing strategy used by brands to increase their online presence. This form of communications involves liaising with brand’s stakeholders or generating information online in order to secure high-quality backlinks or support SEO efforts. A well-planned and executed digital PR plan can help a business or brand gain high rankings or visibility for keywords in search results.

While traditional PR focuses more on print-based publications, TV, and radio, online/ new media is rapidly gaining popularity, so Digital PR help cover this niche as well. With the continued rise in digital content consumption, more media publications are investing in online platforms and digital news, making it essential for brands to look beyond the standard print opportunities to ensure that they are engaged with their target audience.

Social Media Management is another component of digital PR and is the process of managing online interactions and executing strategies across social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Different companies will invest in different channels, depending on the nature of their business and whom they want to target.

For social media management to be successful, content must engage with the audience, as well as lead to new opportunities to increase reach and visibility. Drawing on our experience and knowledge of your brand, we can help develop and execute a comprehensive digital and social media plan to build a strong community of targeted and involved audiences.

We create and share innovative digital avenues for brands to engage with their audience online- this includes – podcasts, content development, microsites, videos, and brochures.

Here’s a look at some effective Digital/Social Media PR tactics that can help increase the exposure of a brand to their key audience online:

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