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The future of PR

the future of pr
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It’s important that we PR Professionals are dynamic and adaptable to the changes that keep the wheels moving in this industry. After an unpredictable 2020 and 2021, this year and the ones moving forward are ours for the taking and Sherpa Communications has had to adapt and evolve to ensure our clients get their due in the spotlight. To stay ahead of the game, here are some trends in PR for 2022 and beyond:

Online is in

Research shows that as of 2021, more people get their news from the Internet. According to Pew Research, in the US, 86% of adults get information from a smartphone, computer, or tablet. This indicates that companies and their spokespeople should focus on appearing in shorter content forms, podcasts, and easily accessible video formats such as YouTube. Locally, as of January 2022, there are 9.94 million internet users in the UAE, which amounts to 99% internet penetration, and in 2025, the number of mobile internet users in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is forecasted to reach around 357 million. The consumption of online content may be even higher here than in the US.

Up your skillset

Marketing and PR often get intertwined, and the lines are getting more blurred than ever before. PR specialists are an adaptable group — they will need to learn new skills and understand other marketing tactics. Top PR Agencies in Dubai have gained social media expertise and have become content creators, copywriters, and trend spotters as well as brand ambassadors. With data becoming more relevant every day, the brighter spotlight is on online opportunities that can improve SEO with backlinks to a company’s website. With the insights gained from data gathered on articles, website traffic, interviews, etc., an effective comms strategy that caters to the target audience’s demands can be crafted without compromising on the essence of the company.

Online interviews are out

The last two years saw podcasts, TV, and radio interviews taking place over video calls, but media outlets are ensuring that face-to-face interviews make a comeback. We’ve already seen this happening, specifically with in-depth features, CEO profiles and lengthy, informative discussions. There is always a better connection in a face-to-face interview than through a video call. Video calls will not die out, they are a convenient alternative when in-person meetings are impractical, but in-person interviews provide the opportunity for authenticity, something the public is hungry for.

Spread the news faster through social media

Twitter is one of the quickest ways to let people know what’s going on in a company, especially for SMEs. From announcing the joining of a new member to the leadership team or securing new funding to product launches and other developments in the organization, news can be shared in a few words and a click of a button. It’s also the perfect way to position a company as an expert — whenever there is relevant breaking news, the business can comment on it and share it with a wide audience in a matter of seconds.

Influencer marketing strategies for B2B firms It is widely believed that social media campaigns and Online Awareness Campaigns involving influencers will dominate the PR Agency industry in the UAE for the next five years. When it comes to B2B companies, influencers are an untapped resource and media outlets are no longer the sole source of exposure. Trends and information are spread by relevant influencers, who have and build strong fan bases who trust them. The onset of this was definitely boosted by the pandemic. A report by eMarketer found that 72.5% of the US marketers from companies with 100+ employees expect to use influencer marketing in 2022. Influencers bring authenticity and personalization to any brand — they won’t just announce the launch of a new product, they have to be part of a bigger story so that the promotion seems organic.

Get in touch today with one of the experts at Sherpa Communications who can guide and share their recommendations as to which PR tactics would best suit your company in helping you achieve your business goals while building the online reputation of your business. 

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