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Buckling Up for the Events Season: What to Do to Ace Your Event Participation

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With summer vacation approaching its end, executives are sharpening their pencils and seeking new opportunities to revamp their plans, work towards their business goals, and close Q4 with robust results. Looking at the region’s calendar, it’s evident that it’s brimming with soon-to-be-held events. It’s no surprise that forums, exhibitions, and award ceremonies are abundant, as events of all kinds stand as the premier venue to connect with industry professionals, increase brand awareness, and establish new client and partnership relationships.

Nevertheless, the limitless range of potential event participations undoubtedly makes it a challenge for decision-makers to pinpoint their choices.

Below are some tips that will assist you in making an informed decision:

  1. Allocate Time for Research: Dedicate time to research events within the upcoming six-month period. List them, along with necessary details. While compiling such a list, keep in mind elements such as your target market, relevant industries, and decision makers within those sectors. Consider adding an event to your list only if all factors align. Additionally, check whether entry involves a fee or if additional marketing budget is needed to secure a speaking opportunity, as this aids in prudent budget planning.
  2. Explore Sponsorship Opportunities Based on Your Marketing Budget: Based on your marketing budget, you can look for sponsorship opportunities. Sponsoring events is an excellent way to enhance brand awareness, elevate your presence, and reach the intended audience. PR experts are your go-to advisors, as they often have strong connections with event organizers. They can assist in securing favorable packages, minimizing your investment while maximizing outcomes.
  3. Refine Your Communication Skills: This stage calls for refining your communication strategy. Expert advice from PR specialists is vital here. Your PR team will likely advise crafting a press release announcing your event participation and spotlighting the solutions you intend to showcase. Leverage your PR team’s connections with organizers to amplify your content through various communication channels, such as newsletters, websites, social media, and media distribution.
  4. Leverage Social Media: Harness the potential of your social media platforms to announce your event participation, detail your panel involvement, and offer glimpses of the technologies you’re bringing to the event. Many attendees seek event details in advance, so start posting your content one month prior to the event.
  5. Engage Actively During the Event: On the event day, be fully prepared for engaging discussions and interactions with media representatives. Successfully delivering your business message requires readiness backed by statistics and numbers. Your PR team will invite journalists to your stand, explain your offerings, and secure multiple interviews. Don’t forget to live stream from the event using event hashtags; this stands as one of the most effective tactics for the audience to locate your stand and discover your brand.

Successful event participation is a result of meticulous planning and a supportive team that understands the market and its specifics. It’s imperative to develop both marketing and communication plans around an exhibition you are planning to participate in; these jointly create an indelible presence and refine brand recognition.

Amid the multitude of businesses participating in an event, standing out is undoubtedly a challenge. Yet, through strategic communication, you can design a comprehensive campaign around the event, elevating your brand’s presence there. Online storytelling will be crucial here too, as it’ll help form a robust Google newsfeed that positions your business as a credible entity.

This piece was originally published by Abu Dhabi SME Hub.

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