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5 reasons to outsource your PR activities

PR activities
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Creating and maintaining a brand image and reputation is essential in the business world — work that is handled meticulously by a PR & marketing team. In 2022, research showed that most PR budgets are either increasing (45%) or staying the same (50%).

For SMEs with minimal marketing experience, dealing with media and other external stakeholders can be a daunting labyrinth; multinational companies who are looking to build a brand reputation in a new market need guidance from local experts and firms who want to change their image, increase visibility and awareness, and overall Improve their Online Reputation need to be positioned accordingly in the public space.

There are plenty of benefits to outsourcing your PR activities. If you’re still on the fence about it, let’s deep dive into why this might be the key to getting your name out there:

Focus on your day-to-day

With the firm’s PR and marketing in the capable hands of your trusted advisors, you can focus on other important business responsibilities. That doesn’t mean you’ll be blindsided in the planning phase, brainstorming sessions, or monitoring the agency’s activities, but rather that as a decision-maker you can focus on the bigger picture while the PR specialists take care of the nitty-gritty.

Get more facetime with the media

A business is likely to get more interest from the media if approached by an experienced PR agency in the UAE than directly by a firm. With an objective perspective on how the media works, your trusted consultancy will be able to craft suitable pitches to relevant publications, bringing positive news stories to established members of the media. These media relations services are not just a list of names but rather relationships that have been nurtured long-term to give their clients the most effective reach possible. This will be the inception of moulding the firm’s local and national reputation that hinges on its mission and vision, organically reaching potential customers.

Receive professional advice

Good PR and marketing strategies require experience and expertise. The best PR agencies in Dubai have members with professional expertise in several skills, from research and writing to analytics and understanding of the market. Agencies also stay updated with the changing trends and the latest technologies in the field, adapting to them.

Improve your marketing strategy

Public relations cover various aspects of a company’s stakeholder relationships, including the media, which requires excellent communication and interpersonal skills. A major perk is that you will learn from your agency’s best practices throughout your partnership. For example, our experience with small businesses has shown that many need help drafting their communication strategy, a critical part of your marketing efforts. Hiring an external expert helps close this task efficiently and fast, so you can promote and scale up your business faster.

Save on resources

An effective PR strategy includes obtaining market intelligence, planning, and implementing campaigns. For an internal team, there are extra steps such as vetting relevant publications, obtaining media contacts, and developing a relationship with them before being able to secure coverage for the brand. Hiring an external agency that already knows the marketplace means you have access to all their experience to develop a suitable plan quicker. Subsequently, this will save the firm man-hours and resources.

PR isn’t a quick add-on to your firm’s to-do list; it is a wholesome tool and requires knowledge and experience to execute effectively. Being a B2B-focused PR and Social Media agency, we at Sherpa Communications ensure that we download as much information from our clients as we can to formulate the best communications plan for them, keeping them in the loop at every step of the process.

Get in touch today with one of the experts at Sherpa Communications, who will help you develop an effective communications strategy for your brand or secure interviews with tier 1 media.

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