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Sherpa Communications supports IEC Telecom and its partners at ADIPEC 2019

Sherpa Communications supports IEC Telecom and its partners at ADIPEC 2019
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Brand awareness campaign and media management at the biggest regional exhibition in the Middle East helped IEC Telecom with increased recognition and positive associations

Date: November, 2019

Sherpa Communications, a business consultancy and communications agency in Dubai provided PR consultancy services to IEC Telecom at the region’s largest and most influential event for the oil and gas industry, ADIPEC 2019.

Leading global provider of managed network communication solutions, IEC Telecom Group along with its strategic partners –Thuraya, Intellian and Yahclick provided ADIPEC 2019 visitors with a ‘one-stop shop’ for all satcom enquiries to support the increasing demand for real-time communication across the Middle East’s energy sector. Visitors to ADIPEC were provided with 360-degree consultations on how to deploy the latest satellite technologies to help gain the competitive edge.

As a strategic communication consultant, Sherpa developed a tailored awareness campaign to ensure IEC Telecom and its partners stand out from 2,000-plus exhibiting companies from 67 countries (!) The action points executed by the agency included the development of a series of press materials, smart leadership positioning and management of relations with the local and international media to secure on-site interviews with specialised and general media – print, online and broadcast – highlighting the expertise of the senior executives, sharing valuable industry insights and revealing the latest solutions for the industry. The exercise helped IEC Telecom build better brand awareness with the media, its customer base, partners, and other important stakeholders, stand out from the competition, and most importantly across various verticals.
Studies indicate that between now and 2025, digital transformation in the oil and gas industry could unlock approximately $1.6 trillion of value for the industry, its customers and wider society. According to IDC, the Internet of Things will continue to grow by 81 per cent to USD12.6 billion by 2021. This growth will continue to facilitate improved crew communications, online access and seamless operational performance creating new opportunities for the Middle East’s energy sector.

To meet the changing needs of the industry, IEC Telecom demonstrated its latest OneGate Energy solution, designed as a land-deployed variation of its unique solution OneGate. It provides access to a virtual platform to store critical applications, enables technical teams to maintain, update and upgrade onside infrastructure remotely, saving time and money on logistics as well as separates the corporate environment from staff network ensuring that e-operations and classified data remain safe eliminating cyber threats. OneGate addresses all major challenges of the oil and gas industry including logistics, cyber security and optimising connectivity. IEC Telecom’s strategic partners – Thuraya, Intellian and Yahclick – also revealed some of their latest solutions to support the needs of the industry.

Sherpa Communications today supports brands in various industries such as Education, Business Consulting, Technology, Telecom, Health & Fitness, Innovation, Automotive and Lifestyle amongst others and has been a strong advocate of start-ups in the region. The PR agency offers several benefits to clients such as speed and agility, greater focus and senior involvement, increased value for money and campaign creativity.

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