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Why media training is a must for every organization

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Whether your company is a multinational corporation, non-profit organization, start-up or an SME, you need to connect with the public to get your brand out there. Typically, senior management in a company are official spokespeople who are quoted in newspapers and magazines or share their thoughts on the radio or TV highlighting details about the business’s products & services or any other developments within the organization.  

If you’re wondering why your company’s spokespeople need media training, take a look at some reasons and the pros of getting it done right:

People affect the bottom line

An organization’s spokesperson impacts a company’s reputation. According to a recent report, 63% of global executives believe that their company’s market value is tied to its reputation. In the UAE, 73% of executives believe the same. Traditionally company’s market value is influenced by various factors, including how the spokesperson(s) is perceived and how the company’s core messages come across through them. With such a high value given to spokesperson perception affecting market value, it becomes pertinent to approach a  PR Agency for media training.

Universal message

Positioning spokespeople as thought leaders in their area of expertise means that the expert should have the skills to respond to any questions with confidence and in-depth insights while also communicating the ethos of the business concisely and positively. With appropriate media training, every spokesperson within a company can define the key messages and showcase in-depth market understanding.

No surprises

With video being the fastest consumed form of content, broadcast interviews are more commonplace today. These can be daunting, especially to those who are inexperienced with the media. When being interviewed, several situations can lead you astray from your message. Media training informs you on what to expect and how to answer a question, even if it isn’t one that you were prepared for. It also prepares you for various mediums of journalism — print, digital, radio and television, each of which have varied and specific requirements. During media training, a spokesperson will learn how to use your words, tone and body language in a manner that is clear and leaves a strong impression. Additionally, if the media comes calling for a comment on any new developments in the business, a trained spokesperson will know exactly what to say and how to say it confidently.

Navigate the media

The key purpose of any media interaction is to use the coverage that your business receives to your advantage. It’s not about avoiding negative or difficult questions, proper media training is a powerful tool, which ensures that a company’s spokespeople can communicate the essence and image of the brand which can improve online reputation. It teaches an expert how to maintain his/her composure and manifest the result that one desires from an interview.

Play to strengths

Every spokesperson brings a different perspective to an organization depending on what division they represent. With media training, a spokesperson can focus on their strengths, without getting overwhelmed with information.

Once you’re confident in your choice of spokesperson, leave the rest to us — a trusted PR agency in the UAE. We’ll play to their strengths, point out the positives and help them gain more confidence with every interview.

At Sherpa Communications,  a B2B focused PR agency, we have years of experience in business consulting training spokespeople across different sectors – especially in B2B – from construction, logistics, and fintech to education, healthcare, and information security.

Get in touch today with one of our experts at Sherpa Communications to get recommendations about how to prepare your spokesperson confidently for media interviews or public speaking.

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