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The Power of Effective Media Relations

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Businesses are constantly in quest of an increase in awareness and as well as the creation of a strong brand and a positive image. One of the most effective ways to do this is through the power of effective media relations.

The term ‘media relations’ means working with the media in order to spread awareness amongst the public of an organisation’s mission, policies and practices in a positive, consistent and credible manner.

Harnessing media relations effectively is an essential skill for the public relations practitioner and can help businesses as follows.

1- Reach a Wider Audience

Media relations means that your brand’s messages can reach a much wider audience. The average daily newspaper in the UAE has a circulation of 85,000-115,000 copies per day and a trade or business magazine distributes 15,000-20,000 copies per month. Through effective media relations, a business can feature its brand in any of these publications and create awareness amongst thousands of new consumers.

2- Credibility of third-party endorsements

The credibility of earned media coverage is far superior to that of paid advertising. Through effective media relations, you can build a connection with your audience and promote your business’s key messages. When this happens, consumers are more likely to believe and take note of something written in an article, rather than an advertisement that has been paid for. In the long run, this enhances your brand’s reputation.

3- Shorten Sales Cycles

Effective media relations can indirectly impact a business’ sales. This happens when you drive third-party validation of your services and expertise through effective media relations. In turn, it causes customers to be more inclined to make a purchase. A credible review from a respected publication or blogger can shorten the overall sales cycle.

4- Becoming an industry expert/thought leader

One of the goals of business owners is being known as industry experts or voice of authority in their fields. At the same time, the primary focus of media relations is cultivating a long-term, positive relationship with the press, for the benefit of your business. Effective media relations could mean that media will approach you when they require a source or an opinion for a story. Such coverage can be incredibly useful in establishing a brand as a leading voice in the industry and show your company’s expertise and market knowledge.

5- Managing a Crisis

Every business or brand undergoes a crisis at some point in time. During this time, it is very easy for the public to change brand perception. Mishandling an emergency can significantly change how your customers and partners view the business. That’s why it’s important to leverage the power of human connection during any crisis. Effective media relations mean that you can communicate your point of view and ensure accurate reporting to contain the crisis. A brand can protect its reputation by leveraging relationships that are solid.

6- Enhance Other Aspects of Your Marketing Program

In addition to driving more traffic to your website and improving SEO performance, effective media relations can also boost other areas of your marketing programme. Some examples of aspects of your marketing programme that may be enhanced include materials for content marketing, such as white papers, website content and blog posts, as well as social media marketing initiatives.

A strong media relations strategy must incorporate consistent messaging, well-targeted media lists, newsworthy media pitches, compelling content and measurable goals. Businesses that work towards effective media relations will then reap the benefits that contribute to business growth and increase customer acquisition.

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