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Sherpa Communications Shines Light on Women’s Empowerment at the ‘Women to Watch’ Conference

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Driven by its commitment to uplift women, PR consultancy becomes a strategic partner for the ‘Women to Watch’ event

Sherpa Communications, a strategic public relations and communication, award-winning agency in Dubai provides PR services for companies within the UAE and the Middle East, joined hands with Communicate to support women’s empowerment at the inaugural ‘Women to Watch‘ conference. The event, which took place on June 15, 2023, brought together over 350 esteemed professionals from the fields of PR, advertising, creative, and marketing. The central theme of the event revolved around challenging gender stereotypes and fostering inclusivity across diverse industries.

The conference featured panel discussions with innovative business leaders who aiming to bring about positive change. The purpose was to raise awareness about gender equality in the region’s creative industries, facilitate a constructive dialogue on women’s experiences, showcase change-makers driving inclusivity, and provide an opportunity to connect with female mentors and role models who can share valuable insights. With a remarkable lineup of over 30 industry experts, including distinguished speakers representing well-known brands such as Chalhoub Group, Google MENA, Tik Tok, and more, the speakers shared their unique viewpoints on women’s entrepreneurship, providing valuable insights and solutions to contribute to positive change.

As an event partner, Sherpa Communications extended its support to the organizers by leveraging its network to raise awareness about this important topic and the event itself. The agency’s senior management also participated in an engaging panel discussion called “The Power of Sisterhood: Investigating the Impact of Female Mentors and Role Models.” The speakers explored the importance of female business mentors and shared various solutions to inspire women to reach their full potential.

Anastasiya Golovatenko, PR Director at Sherpa Communications, commented, “Women face unique challenges when it comes to accessing various business resources, which can hinder their ability to innovate, develop, and expand their ideas. According to the United Nations, there is a global disparity in entrepreneurial opportunities between men and women, with women leading only 23% to 26% of businesses or thriving in the workplace. The ‘Women to Watch’ Conference plays a crucial role in providing a platform where we can contribute to the collective effort of promoting professional growth for women.”

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